Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel and Fuel Economy is on Fleek

If you're a purveyor of modern vernacular, you might be familiar with the term "fleek." In short, this means "on point," which is exactly how we would describe the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its EcoDiesel engine. It delivers gas mileage and eco-consciousness in a way no other model in its class can hope to match.

That's one of the reasons it makes the perfect companion for long road trips. Whether it's a jaunt to visit granny, or the SUV to bring you on a spatastic 'Glamping' trip, this model will get you there in style. At least, that's what the three stylist bloggers who got to drive it for a weekend learned. You can hear their story by checking out the video below.

Spoiler alert: they, too, found the Grand Cherokee "on fleek."

If you want to drive a model that is totally on fleek (or on proverbial fire), our Clinton, NC dealership has plenty of new Jeep brand models that totally fit the bill. Contact us today to set up your test drive.

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